About Julianne Felton

Julianne Felton's artistic journey began with life drawing and immersive sessions at the Art League in Daytona Beach, Florida. Through watercolor workshops and formal education at Daytona State College, she expanded her artistic repertoire and honed her skills in observation and rendering.

Julianne's art career took off in the mid '80s with participation in art festivals across Central Florida and nationwide. Her exceptional paintings in watercolor and acrylic mediums garnered numerous awards and recognition.

Currently based in Port Orange, Florida, Julianne dedicates her time to painting in her studio/gallery. She manages her online presence through personally created and managed websites, showcasing and selling her artwork to a global audience.

Julianne Felton's artistic journey is defined by her commitment to growth, active participation in art communities, and her passion for sharing her creative vision with the world.

For more information and to view/purchase her artwork:

  • Website: artistjf.com (originals and prints)
  • Etsy Shop: etsy.com/shop/juliannefelton (originals)
  • Saatchi Art: saatchi.com/juliannefelton (originals and prints)
  • Redbubble Store: redbubble.com/people/juliannefelton/shop (prints)
  • Pixels: julianne-felton.pixels.com (prints)
  • Email: artistjf@gmail.com